Commercial Cleaning

Our Wholly Cleaning Commercial Team members specialize solely on commercial facilities. We understand the differences between residential and commercial cleaning services. Commercial properties require cleaning and the service is often viewed as a necessity whereas residential cleaning if often seen as a luxury. By understanding the nature of the work, you can ensure you derive optimum benefits from a professional cleaning service. Commercial cleaning helps ensure that a business remains operational, sanitary, and in good working order. Businesses simply cannot operate without ensuring that their offices, retail space, or other place of operation is thoroughly clean and hygienic.

When you pay for an office cleaning service, you want to get the most out of what you pay for. We provide quality cleaners that deep clean your office and make it look its very best. An office reception area is responsible for your customer’s first impression of you. You want it to always smelling and looking clean and inviting. Everyone needs to work in a clean working environment. A well-organized and clean workplace is proven to make everyone more productive.

No matter what particular office janitorial services you require, we realized that each facility has its own very specific set of needs that require attention. All of our employees are experienced and friendly and should be able to provide helpful recommendations to provide you the best office cleaning services possible.

  • Regular vacuuming and carpet care
  • Dusting
  • Trash disposal and bag replacement
  • Kitchen disinfection
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitation
  • Mopping / sweeping
  • Day/Night porter services

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide proposals at all of the facilities that we can with a proper cleaning schedule that will increase efficiency and cleanliness of the facility. We will break down every “nook and cranny” in your facility to ensure that if it can get dirty, it gets put on the schedule to be cleaned on a regular basis by our trained janitorial cleaners. Bringing efficiency to the janitorial cleaning in your facility will help avoid neglect of items that need to be cleaned, and will help ensure the preservation and presentation of your facility for many years to come. Our trained janitorial cleaners work very hard every day to ensure all items on the checklist are met, in a timely manner that matches the convenience of our clients.

Our professional day porters are specially selected to provide the best possible cleaning while staying out of the way of normal business operations. All of our day porters come from an experienced background and have hands on experience maintaining a variety of commercial properties. No matter what your office janitorial needs might be our day porters should be the perfect fit.

AND much more!

As an office janitorial services provider we also have experience with a wide variety of commercial properties and can service many of the following types of properties.

  • Offices/Commercial
  • Industrial/Manufacturing/Warehouses
  • Retail Locations
  • Fitness Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Car dealerships
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • AND much more!

Commercial Testimonials

"Wholly Cleaning cleans our offices daily, Our offices are clean, they change the light bulbs, order the supplies and even referred us to plumbing & AC services. They are an Office Manager's best friend! Every email that I send is answered quickly. I get from other companies all of the time but I have used other companies in my 18 years as an Office Manager. Wholly Cleaning is the best in my experience. "

Coretta W. Office Manager, Chelsea, NYC

"Wholly Cleaning cleans on our office every 2 weeks for over a year now”. They have sent several different people through the year who have been professional and diligent with cleaning. Richard is our main rep and is easy to work with if you need extra cleaning or if there is a scheduling change. I recommend the Deep Clean service they offer-we get one every few months. They send 3 or 4 people and clean absolutely everything! Then the regular cleanings keep an overall polish"

Dusty H, Business Owner, SoHo, NYC